St. Peter’s School (English Medium)

Bishop’s House, Maharajaji Hata, Purnea Bihar- 854301

President Massage

The Principal, staff and students
St. Peter's English Medium School Purnea
It is my great joy that I write this short message for the launch of School website of St. Peter's English Medium School, Purnea.
A school website is a sign of maturity of the school as a place of learning and intellectual formation. It is also a good record of the activities and achievements of the school. For a decade St. Peter's English Medium School Purnea has been progressing form one achievement to another, be it in the field of academic excellence or sports and other co-curricular activities.
And now with the launching of the school website, the staff and the students will have the opportunity to give expression to their literary and artistic talents and to share them with a wider public. I warmly congratulate all who have taken the initiative for this new venture and wish the school website very success.
May this school website serve to challenge the staff and the students to greater heights of academic and literary excellence. May the budding editors, writers, poets and artists of St. Peter's English Medium School, Purnea bloom well and spread their fragrance far and wide through the sits of this Website.
St. Peter, after whom the school is named, was a great writer and messenger, which we find in Bible. Today he would be delighted to see the school website which would provide lot of opportunities to share the message of God and message of Humanity through the electronic platform which is being launched as the school website. I am sure the viral ability and the quality of the website will be such as to make him proud of the school that bears his name. May God bless all who are involved in this new enterprise of the school.
Yours affectionately,
Rt. Rev. Angelus Kujur S.J.
Bishop of Purnea

Michelle Golden
Vice President