St. Peter’s School (English Medium)

Bishop’s House, Maharajaji Hata, Purnea Bihar- 854301

Principal Desk

The school is the place of learning and nurturing oneself to excel in the life. Each student strives to achieve the goal and undergo all sorts of training and learning to unfolding truth of excellence. We always hope and excavate dreams to come true for this we are lead to the deep ocean of knowledge and experience of various hours of classrooms, awareness programs, indoor and outdoor games, exhibit & excel in the school premises.
The School management and teachers endeavor to exchange the deepest knowledge to the students to build the character, values, human concern for poor and marginalized, socio-economic, socio-family, ethnics, cultures, music rhythm, respect of creed and cast, innovative, new research and relevant development. "Pen the line of life and draw shade to beautify the future.."
Yours Principal,
Manoj Xalxo