Welcome to SPS, Purnea

Our Moto:-'Discipline, Devotion, Character'

St. Peter's School is a CBSE Affiliated Private English Medium School established and conducted by the Catholic Diocese of Purnea for the education of boys and girls up to high school level gradually. It is open to all without distinction of caste or creed.

The purpose of the Institution is to impart to its pupils a sound, moral, intellectual and physical education, to train them to be useful and loyal citizens of India and to help them to become the agents needed for social changes in the country.

Realizing that education is an all-round development of the pupil, the institution constantly Endeavour's to direct to this end all its curricular studies and co-curricular activities with special emphasis on discipline, the formation of character, and self-reliance. Therefore "We are committed to lead the children to holistic development. The real inspiration is the Child JESUS who grew both in body and wisdom, gaining favor with God and men (Lk. 2:52). Intellectual growth must shape our character, behavior, attitude and values of life. Physical growth is the gift of God that must be protected and beautified. Spiritual growth is the strength of life.

The medium of instruction is English, but special emphasis is given to Hindi, the National language. Moral instruction, which is essential for character formation is imparted to all pupils.