Lead to the Deep

The words Duc in altum, are in the Latin language and are derived from the Gospel of Dt. John 21:6.

In this Gospel, we come across Jesus asking Peter, one of his main disciples to lower his finishing nets into the deep waters. Peter, an experienced fisherman with a deep childlike trust, faithfully obeys his master's voice and lowers the nets to the deep waters thereby resulting in a great catch.

Taking this inspiration from the same gospel, the Catholic Diocese of Purnea, opens an English Medium School named after its Patron, St. Peter's School and takes as it's motto "Duc in Altum". which means "Lead to the Deep".

  • LEAD - The world "Lead", means to guide by persuasion or by example.
  • DEEP - the word "Deep" means "extending far down" or "Very intense".


Considering the above meaning St. Peter's School, Purnea wants to guide its pupils by persuasion or by example to an indepth knowledge, to thinks at a deeper level and absorb the very intense and serious elements (nuances) of wisdom. It wants their growth and all round development, both physical and mental, curricular and co-curricular activities thereby leading oneself to his/her ultimate goal of an indepth knowledge. Thus the management feels that this can be achieved in a disciplined way through the norms of the school.

The school therefore strives through all its activities to achieve this excellence of wisdom, leading its pupils to become disciplined, wise and excellent co-workers and citizens of our country. Hence the motto is "duc in altum" which means 'Lead to the Deep'.